“REignisse” by rossmann-events

Your Event – celebrating it professional, relaxed & elegant in Austria

We think the most beautiful moments in life just happen… Each event is unique and carries it’s own handwriting. So unique and individual as your story is our aim to create your special event to an unforgettable moment.

That’s why we choose the name“REignisse by rossmann-events”  to create and offer our services paired with professional commitment for your special event…

Wedding Planning & Same Sex Marriage

A wedding or same sex marriage is a very special event in two people’s life on their way together! It’s our ambition, that you enjoy the preparation time and your wedding day & spend the time to your big day in calm… We want you to have great memories at your wedding day!


Events like a baptism, anniversary, birthday, renewal of vows or something else are very special, because they tell the story of a person or a couple… We express your story with pleasure, while you enjoy the time with your loved ones and get inspired from our creative ideas…

Creativity, attention to detail and empathy are very important for us. You are in our focus and during this exciting time we want you to enjoy and relax your spare time. In addition we are constantly working to implement your wishes and all details with the utmost care. The basis for your dream-wedding or your special event lies in mutual trust. Let’s get to know each other and check out our Services & Packages. We are looking forward to you! 

rossmann-events – for a professional, relaxed & elegant celebration…